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Business Continuity Plan

For all companies, it should be essential for their day-to-day operation to be able to have detailed planning, which allows them to establish appropriate actions, based on the strategic objectives of the continuity of the operation. Likewise, this planning should contain each of the necessary steps to be carried out, as well as an analysis of the options available.

Continuity of processes

Continuity of processes

A simple way to carry out such planning is to identify the company’s key work positions and put them within a risk matrix. Considering these positions in an equipped alternate site, where you can move, and have the possibility, in case of any contingency or disaster, to be able to continue working in the basic processes, and of greater criticality, that for the business are indispensable for you not to lose money.



By being able to carry out this planning, the company will be able to know the strategy to be implemented before reaching the expected goal, because, through this, uncertainty is reduced and in some cases, inconveniences that may arise along the way can be prevented, being able to be prepared to face them in advance and mitigating the costs that could be generated by the wrong decision-making.

Measuring results

Measuring results

However, it is not the only good thing that a company can obtain with good planning, because, through it, can be known the performance of our plan: measuring the results obtained in each of the fixed activities, controlling times, efforts and expenses, putting order and implementing effective coordination that benefits each of those involved.

What is a

Imagen que simula la continuidad de la operación de un negocio después de una contingencia.

Taking into account how important the operation and information means for a company. A solution must be efficient and effective when it is needed, so having a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) or a Business Continuity Plan, establishes the necessary planning, so that the company can continue its operation as it normally does, this in case of an inconvenience, attack, or disaster in it.

This plan is based on the correct coordination of the employees or key employees of the company, so that they can follow their functions, activities and daily work in an alternate job location. Which have the necessary conditions to carry it out, since it is the most monetized scenario, in the case of a sinister, compared to any remote scenario, or home office.

Directivos revisando el plan de continuidad del negocio

This business continuity plan or business continuity plan helps us manage the key resources of the company, looking primarily not to waste valuable time and that, in case of any inconvenience, we can continue to operate, at least with our critical activities.

With proper planning you will find the most effective, but efficient way to achieve it, adapting the strategies to what the company needs, setting time targets and plotting the best route of action with the available resources of the company, mitigating with this, the risks that it is facing.

Acordando las estrategias con la empresa del business continuity plan
Organizando en centro alterno de trabajo en un business continuity plan

PowerSelf® we have different business continuity centers and alternate work centers, which 100% adapt to the need of each of our customers, mainly on the peripheries of the CDMX.

How does it work?

Continuity centres, alternate positions, BCP positions, or alternate site positionsPowerSelf®, they work in a pre-programmed way to receive at any time the members of our clients’ working group, where they will have an adequate and exclusive position to work, in conjunction with the infrastructure intended to give continuity to the operation.

Components of

Especialistas evaluando los componentes de un business continuity plan

What do I need to have this component in top condition for my company?

  • The key personnel that the company needs to be able to carry out the activities necessary for the operation of the company.
  • An alternate location in a location outside the organization, where you have all the infrastructure necessary to continue the operation of the company.
  • Interconnections dedicated to primary and secondary infrastructure. To be able to access the information in real time and updated in changes and modifications.
  • Positions that maintain the integrity of information security, through the application of best practices in technologies used.
  • Identity authentication mechanisms, Layer 7 security and networks under performance standards, as well as a comprehensive scope solution.

These are the key points that need to be evaluated and that is why, PowerSelf® maintains regulatory management on the scenarios and standards of the management ISO-22301 business continuity, ISO/IEC-27001 computer security, ISO/IEC-20000 guidelines to maintain a service level offered SLA.

From 15 days a year

From 15 days a year

We have permanent clocation coverage of your staff or Temporary. Giving from 15 days a year, up to a total of 120 days per year.

Immediate response

Immediate response

Nearly immediate response times so your staff can get around.

Up to 500 users

Up to 500 users

Capacity to host from 10 users to 500 users.

Strategic areas

We have 8 Strategic Location Zones for alternate site in BCP instances: Airport, Insurgents, Reforma, Tepeyac, Vallejo, Iztapalapa and Santa Fe.

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    It has: telephone services, computer equipment, access to your equipment hosted with us and high capacity service of Telecommunications and Internet.

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    We offer specialized office spaces for temporary or permanent use, in case of Contingencies and for business continuity.

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    The staff who are appointed have access to the general services of our facilities (Valet Parking, parking, toilets, cafeteria, etc.).

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    Infrastructure of electrical continuity services, operational, cybersecurity, access, CCTV, shielding, among other advantages. From a site specifically prepared to give and provide high-level services and in a specialized way.

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    Special confinement spaces to maintain: devices, sensitive components, work documentation, tools, tapes or any other that by their nature is necessary to be protected by them.

Continuity plan objectives

Gráfica simulando la continuidad ininterrumpida del negocio

The Business Continuity Plan covers all business sectors, focusing more on those where Information Availability is their greatest asset. Today, uninterrupted operation availability is critical for any type of business or institution, no matter their size; a continuity plan can be applied for both large, medium, small and even micro-enterprises.

These business continuity plans are the key to the strategic staff of the company, have an alternate site that offers them an operational continuity in the case of: a natural disaster, some human movement, strikes, fires, thefts, among many other risks, which, by their nature, stop the production process of the business.

Apagando un incendio para mantener la continuidad de la operación de la empresa
Simulando la protección contra riesgos y amenazas informáticas

PowerSelf® has a strategic plan for its critical business staff to have a place within one of our alternate sites, where they can continue to work under the same conditions, having the necessary means to be able to perform their usual tasks as close to their work environment.


This phase is based entirely on risk analysis, through knowing the structure of the company both physical and organizational. Areas of work are diagnosed and analyzed, and what would be the impact based on the most common contingencies to which most companies are vulnerable, being:

  • Malware, Viruses, Human Errors, Strikes, Fires, Earthquakes.

Company-specific vulnerabilities will then be assessed, some of which could be:

  • Security, Geographical Location, Company Rotation, among others.

Our Warranty PowerSelf® written and without small letters. You receive from PowerSelf® the best cost-benefit on the market.

PowerSelf® it offers solutions according to the size of each of our customers, offering reliable, secure and high availability services that will give the company total security by mitigating their vulnerabilities and having plans for the event that there is any gaps or sinister in them.

We know that price is an important decision factor in the market, and that’s why PowerSelf® manages one of the best cost-making benefits in the entire market; offering better solutions at a lower cost than the competition could. And we put this in writing and we respect it with a guarantee that you even have, have up to 30 calendar days guaranteed after the signing of the contract to make valid the guarantee of the best cost-benefit on the market.

Once the analysis has been carried out, and the vulnerabilities identified, the line of action to be taken by the company will be established in the event of a contingency; setting specific objectives and goals to be met for the company, linked to the most convenient, effective and efficient strategies for it, providing the best solution at the best cost.

PowerSelf®, oIt meets its customers the adequacy of the best solution, focused on their size, their needs and their budget, offering high quality services, low security standards and disaster continuity processes at all times.

In order to know whether our plan meets the objectives that were set, different tests must be carried out in order to verify the correct functioning of our solution and whether the expected results of this solution were obtained. Applying tests of the operation of established solutions, as well as reaction times, of the same solutionsPowerSelf® as the customer’s staff.

Every action and process is perfectable, which means that it can be done better every time and that it must be updated over time in order to be able to meet the specific needs of that moment. That is why we must carry out a gradual and constant maintenance and verification about the operation of our plan in all its branches.


As mentioned above, once you already have a continuity plan working properly, it is extremely necessary to perform preventive maintenance, looking for opportunities to strengthen it and with this, prevent risky situations that may critically affectthe company.

It is necessary to keep a constant monitoring of the correct functioning of each of the solutions that the company has, be it services DRaaS, DRP, Cloud solutions, Managed Services, Dedicated Links, among many others.

Analizando la cantidad de riesgos a los que se encuentran expuestos

Reasons for
Hire a BCP

The reasons are more than obvious, a good strategist in charge of the area of Information Technologies must have as a predominant and under his magnifying glass to have a business continuity plan also known as Business continuity plan in the face of a disaster and then read everything that entails and everything that can be saved with a BCP.

However, this is only the line of action that the company must take to prevent contingencies, so PowerSelf®recommends that, in order to mitigate the greatest amount of risk, we must have more complementary solutions to each other, which support reducing the free risks they leave between them.

Importance of a
Business Continuity Plan

Why or not is a business continuity plan – for a company – important for a company, can only be solved through the following question: How long can the company be without operating its systems and/or facilities?

If the answer was more than a week, then your company doesn’t need a continuity plan. Since, either by the turn of the company or the way in which its operations are located, they do not have essential information or systems and/ or perhaps employees can work anywhere without specific resources.

However, if the opposite is true for your business and in addition to this, you have sensitive data and operations. We have a news for you: your company must have a business continuity plan.

The most important thing for PowerSelf® is to protect your customers’ computer security broadly so that they don’t waste valuable time, customers and assets in the event of a contingency, damage, loss or disaster. The BCP is a very useful tool if it is carried efficiently by the hand of expert and specialized personnel, because as we have noted, the continuity of the company will depend to a large extent, on the effectiveness of the reaction of the same against a contin encea.