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Cloud Computing

In recent years, there has been more and more talk of the Cloud or the Cloud, but it’s really something that’s not visible to users and yet there it is. We can access, depending on the case, practically from any device with a network to the internet, so it makes this cloud increasingly interesting and practical for users.

However, at the business level its functionalities, versatility and applications can do us a lot, but it also entails a high level of insecurity, controls and management on this topic as extensive and in turn delicate as what involves the Cybersecurity.

Empresarios utilizando los servicios de su cloud computing

What is
Cloud Computing?

Simulación de un usuario utilizando los servicios de computación en la nube

Let’s start with knowing that it’s the Cloud Computing. As its name implies, it is to have our computing, data, systems, etc., in the cloud; and what is the cloud?

The cloud is a technology that we can access through an internet connection or through private connections with which you will be connected to a server that is contained in a data center, computer center or DataCenter, somewhere in the country or of the world, which will give you access to that information, software, among others.

There are different types of clouds, private and public , where the latter seem to be very attractive since in the vast majority of cases are “Free” or very “Baratas”, knowing the term that nothing is free in life, these same include usage policies that can use the information that is stored in them for the purposes that each of these considers more practical for each of them.

Ilustración de como funciona una nube privada

Private clouds are those for which you pay annually or monthly and are divided into categories for their management, use and regulatory policies of each country where these infrastructures are located, which we must be very aware of to ensure that our data is secure in them.

PowerSelf®, recommends that, for policies of use and legality of each country, only use national or regionalized products from your country to avoid having to follow the guidelines of those countries that have intrusion policies that their law allows in the case that they find some factors by which they can intervene to your information, your data or the data set of those in those infrastructures as is the case of infrastructures that come from countries like the USA.

Usuario aceptando las políticas del servicio de computación en la nube

How does the
Cloud Computing?

Accesando a sus servicios cloud desde una red privada

For the simplest and most practical purposes, the user connects to a network with internet access and searches for the application or server to which he wants to connect, enters some user and password to be the case in which he asks, to later enter.

For more specific practices such as business use, it is almost the same process to enter.

Companies have in their cloud the specific systems and data that they use, to which they connect through a network with internet access or personalized or even private networks, which can be strengthened through a Dedicated Link, VPN’s, L2L, Firewalls, Antivirus, among other solutions, with which the company could improve its performance and mitigate security risks.

Modelos de
Servicio de Cloud Computing

At PowerSelf® we handle 4 different service models focused on the needs of our customers, suitable for their size and availability, where all infrastructure meets the highest international safety standards, but most importantly it complies with Mexico’s NMX standards, laws and regulations.

The Infrastructure as a Service abbreviated as IaaS, is to provide our customers with the necessary IT infrastructure so that they can operate, without the need and complexity to manage and purchase both physical servers and more specialized data center architecture.

This service offers companies a high level of comfort because the management of the resources they need, does not require investments and high maintenance fees and can grow as much as necessary, but the most important thing is that at the security level it is it has the broadest standards and compliance on them.

On the other hand, we also have abbreviated Platform as a Service such as PaaS, which, like IaaS, eliminates for our customers the need and complexity to manage and purchase hardware, operating systems, storage, networking, among other resources they need for their operation, offering them the opportunity to focus on their operation without distractions, take care of the implementation, management and maintenance of them.

Having the advantage of only paying for the resources that it needs and use, being able to increase its capacity at any time and the most important thing is that at the security level we have the broadest standards and compliance on them, with the benefit that our customer should not worry about the base components of hardware, software, licensing access, security and having the risk that by some component the solution does not work properly and under standards that can very rarely be met in a particular way.

Finally, we have the abbreviated software as a service model as SaaS, with which we provide the software the company needs, where the customer eliminates the need and complexity to manage and purchase it, focusing solely on getting the most out of it, operating without the worries and expenses that this could cause.

The most important thing is that at the security level we have the broadest standards and compliance on them with the advantage that our client should not worry about knowing, sizing, provisioning, maintaining and having the risk that by some component the solution does not function properly and under standards that can very rarely be fulfilled in a particular way, giving these services simply a service focused on meeting a specific need.

By name this type of services it offers PowerSelf® are clouds that focus on business continuity, services or conditions for companies to have manually or automated so that in case of any contingency have the possibilities to recover their data, information and operation in a timely manner and with a calculated risk of possibility of loss depending on the customer’s needs.

Cloud Types

Just as in PowerSelf® we handle 4 different models of cloud services, we also have 2 different types of cloud: Private and Hybrid. Which focus on the needs of each of our customers, adapting to their requested size and characteristics.

Usuarios de servicios cloud en una nube pública accesando desde su móviles

A cloud publishes, is an infrastructure that is openly available to the user, which is managed and operated by a third party, in a self-service scheme.

Multiple customers can be automatically served simultaneously and with vendor features for their users, but also as part of their own business profitability strategies.

Empresarios accesando a sus servicios cloud en una nube privada

This type of service, as the name implies, is private for each client, since it has its own architecture that provides a dedicated and exclusive space, as well as fully scalable and manageable.

This service is focused on those companies with specific needs of security, continuity and privacy, as well as with high and essential operating times, of essential to critical type of availability, where the customer can have a direct control and management of your system.

Usuario usando los servicios cloud en una nube híbrida

The Hybrid Cloud is the mix between the customer’s or a vendor’s on-premises infrastructure and the versatility of a Private Cloud solution, so, in a nutshell, it’s the company’s use of the (Hardware).

Where verily, it is linked to the vendor’s cloud, where both teams are managed through specific software, links, devices, and licenses where local and remote tasks are managed and automated as a whole.

Our Cloud Computing hybrid business model is called PowerCloud:

  • It offers you unique and exclusive conditions in the market,
  • Having the ability to store and process large amounts of information,
  • With high security and housed in robust data centers in Mexico

Under a redundant telecommunications scheme with a varied range of different multicarrier outputs and covering international and national standards of high security profile, access and continuity; forming a private cloud called PowerCloud by PowerSelf®.

Cloud Services

We have in PowerSelf® what you need, because size Doesn’t matter, what makes you great are your Irreplaceable data. Our services are focused on giving you the valuable tools that are only in the hands of large corporations to help you grow your business with Cloud Hosting options for SMEs, where you can count on web presence services, backup services,Online DRP and an offer of messaging and collaboration solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

Propietario de una Pyme con el servicio cloud hosting

For organizations that demand highly competitive service levels and in which they can host mission-critical productive applications as well as high workloads.

Usuarios usando los servicios cloud outsourcing de la empresa

Our solution PowerSelf® high-performance data processing in the cloud, with high trading capabilities of stocks and Gigabit and 10Giga bandwidths.

Usuarios de servicios en la nube realizando transacciones bursátiles

Our services in the cloud give you the flexibility of the ERP’s of Microsoft are able to be provided with so that of the first instance you should not have to invest in the Product and in its additional maintenance.

The software is provided as a service, which can be offered the latest commercial version tested at any time you require, the infrastructure is High-Performance and is fully tested as a solution between Software-Hardware, we offer you integration of information, collaboration, functionality and growth options.

Usando los servicios en la nube microsoft dynamics

On PowerSelf® We have the Own Cloud solution for the attention, monitoring and always maintaining the attention to customers, integrating the Microsoft CRM scheme in our Private infrastructure at the service of our customers, in our own Enterprise Cloud.

Contactando clientes a través del servicio cloud microsoft dynamics crm

PowerSelf® solution Microsoft Exchange in the cloud, offers a collaboration solution to enterprises; flexible, robust and adaptive, offering everything you need to increase productivity among employees and customers.

Exchange makes it easy to manage your organization’s email accounts, incorporating self-service features by providing tools that allow end users to solve certain common tasks without the need to resort to support, which reduces downtime and mailbox overhead. With Standard, Enterprise, or Cluster flexibility, reduced risk of malware and SPAM, Exchange is perfect for your business.

Usando los servicios cloud microsoft exchange

PowerSelf® solutionMicrosoft SQL Server cloud. We offer enterprise-tailored database solutions, providing Microsoft’s most reliable and robust transaction management and storage platform, with the flexibility, Standard, Enterprise, Cluster, or BI, perfect for your business.

Usuario de servicios en la nube consultando su base de datos microsoft sql server

PowerSelf®solution Cloud Work Desktops. Our solution goes beyond a place or any mobile or desktop computer; We offer the freedom, flexibility, security and Omnipresence globally from any Internet-connected device to collaborate for your business, with any application, system, ERP and/or Microsoft Office or any other company-owned resource remotely, offering the perfect integration for your business.

Usuario accediendo desde el móvil a su escritorio de trabajo en la nube

Don’t worry and live in harmony with the Risks, PowerSelf® solution integrated with any MICROSOFT platform. We can replicate it at the mirror level to our Infrastructure and Disaster Recovery System, integrating it 100% and giving a redundancy and/or mission critical, with the degree of information and data replication that the company requires.

Usuario de servicios en la nube usando microsoft replicator hot site

And your backup?, Our PowerSelf® solution integrated into the most delicate part of any enterprise and the most set aside, the backups of information from physical and virtual servers, executive teams, or storage equipment.

We provide solutions for any size or block of information in an automated or manual way depending on the needs of the company itself.

Usuario haciendo un respaldo out site en su computadora

Don’t worry and live in harmony with The Risks, Our PowerSelf® solution integrated with the VMWare platform and its products will give you the peace of mind you are looking for, if you already use it, we can complement your solution with virtual machine replication, backup, machine movement, migrations, Site integration Recovery Manager, VCenter, VSphere. Our proposal integrates an alternate site with exceptional features and metropolitan links that will make your best purpose and dream of living quietly a reality.

Usuario trabajando con vmware cloud

“A fair service for you, this is what you need an approach of excellence and thought of your need, DO NOT have to buy licenses, hardware or have a robust infrastructure”.

Advantages of use

Usuarios accediendo desde el móvil a su servicio de cloud computing

The main advantage that has been seen with the use of Cloud Computing is its high availability, which we can take advantage of being able to access at any time and from wherever we are, as long as, we have a network with internet access and l specific requirements needed from the platform.

Another important point is in the administration and acquisition of infrastructure, since in most of the models that are in the market, these important points, are within the services offered.

The use of Cloud Computing has become extremely important over the years and the evolution of business models, which seek that their employees can be connected and can work on the same system or database, without having to be gathered under a m ceiling, with higher levels of service, availability and with services such as back-ups and security as an elementary part of any solution no longer than it can be.