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The Computer Safety, it is based on the beginning of mitigation of risks, on who looks for the protection of the integrity of our information, systems and operation itself, reducing as much as possible the real and virtual risks that exist today, and that have increased over time.

These risks, there have turned latent threats that are asechando to our operation and information of daily use, where we must think from programs that they settle without our assent, virus, spam, external attacks of refusal of service, like it are the risks for the erasure accidental or caused by our own ones collaborating, incidental natives like earthquakes, fires, thefts, hurricanes, etc.

All of these generate a direct impact by compromising the security and well-being of our systems, as well as the accessibility, data and diversion of the flow of information, resulting in virtually incalculable economic losses.

OUR PROCESS Step by step

  • Analizar

    01. We analyze the specific needs of your company

  • generamos

    02. We generate a personalized protection scheme 360 °

  • Presentamos

    03. We present, implement and monitor.

Our solution

What is the purpose of Computer Security?

The goal of Computer Security is to protect every part of our information, protecting the data of each of the threats and risks that are on the network, which is why it has a more than important role today.

Its main purpose is to be able to ensure the continuity of our business over time, as well as increase the range of opportunities, and this is achieved by implementing an appropriate set of controls, including policies, processes, procedures, structures distributed, centralized systems, applications, and functional sites of software, hardware, operation centers, cybersecurity centers, and specialized human resources, among many others.

In order to achieve an efficient implementation of Computer Security, the controls established when necessary need to be continuously established, implement, monitor, and improve, seek to ensure that the objectives of specific security of the business in particular, in the short, medium and long term.

Efficient implementation of the
Computer security

  • We fulfill the targets

    In order to achieve an efficient implementation of Computer Security, the controls established when necessary need to be continuously established, implement, monitor, and improve, seek to ensure that the objectives of specific security of the business in particular, in the short, medium and long term.

  • Information Age

    Today, many of our daily activities depend entirely on the use of devices, systems and computer networks, making us increasingly dependent on the good condition of these devices, systems and networks, as well as the information they contain. It is important to note that we are in the INFORMATION ERA, where information is extensive and abundant, so whoever masters this era will dominate the market and business.

  • Computer threat protection

    This has resulted in criminals seeking ways to violate our privacy, attacking and causing harm in order to steal our information, and, on the other hand, the risk of having no security processes to maintain continuity and protection of operation, data and information in the event of a disaster.

Specialized solutions Computer security

Information security

In PowerSelf ®, we are provided with powerful solutions designed from standard high places, control panel, processes and, especially, a conscience that one lives in every individual like part of the safety model, especially conceived in PowerSelf ®, and that is perfected constantly, on having protected our infrastructure, information and information, as well as that of each of our clients.

25 Years of experience

Offering specialized services, focused entirely on a wide spectrum that encompasses Computer Security, continuity of it, having consolidated for more than 25 years in the market and 15 years focused on cloud services, dedicated links and recovery and continuity services of computer disasters, always being a 100% Mexican company, innovative, reliable and of firm values.

What makes us special

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Know our basics

Our main bases of action are Integrity, Confidentiality and Availability as an indispensable part of each of our services, which are focused on minimizing, managing and detecting in a timely manner the risks and threats to which our customers and users are prone.

Know our basics

We take each of these fundamentals, from ISO/IEC-20000, ISO/IEC-27001 and ISO-22301, focused on information, security and disaster continuity processes.

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Efficiency and efficiency in the recovery of the operation

This regulation has helped us to inform our actions, with which we have been able to guarantee the operation of each of our customers. Targeting, ensuring, proper use of system resources and applications, mitigating losses, and offering efficiency and efficiency for the recovery of the operation in the event of any contingency.

Computer Security Measures

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For PowerSelf®, Computer Security should be a personal, family, professional and institutional way of life, since taking care of our information doesn’t just involve taking care of a phone or a hard drive, it has a much deeper meaning, since it it is practically to take care of our integrity, our family, our source of employment and our heritage.

This should be a priority every day for each organization, as for each individual inside and outside the organization.

Protecting each of the above points can be achieved regardless of the degree of sensitivity of the individual, through the implementation of Computer Security measures, with which we prevent the intrusion and execution of unauthorized operations , damage or blockages in the systems, loss of confidentiality of the information, deviations from the flow of information, impersonation, loss of data and loss of operation, just to say some risks.

Types of shares against Computer Security Risks

Preventive actions

For PowerSelf®, there are two types of actions that you can take. The first are the preventive ones, in which we are specialists, in these, we focus totally on identifying, preventing and mitigating the risks that the individual in particular might face, but focused on the integration protection of the business , operation and data of the company in general.

Reactive actions

The second, are the reactive actions, which we understand that our customers should NOT fall into them, since our efforts are focused on maintaining the indispensable resources, the great part of the time always available of the company, this thanks the UNIQUE model of the business that focuses on solving a problem immediately.

PowerSelf®, understands this situation well because according to industry data, reaching this point of operational rupture, may mean that, if the company runs out of its information for more than ten days during a disaster, or fails to recover its operation in this t assumes that the risk for 90% of cases is turned into a financial problem, de flujo contractual, which can result in a major bankruptcy or degrowth declaration within less than one year.

Considerations in a Computer Security Strategy

Customer needs

It is also necessary to consider that to implement some of the computer security strategies, we must take into account our main needs and splice them with the uses, visions and objectives of our company, as well as the requirements of our customers.

Laws and regulations

This is in addition to meeting the specific requirements of both the sector in which we are and those of the country in general, which range from laws, regulations and regulations. [/vc toggle] [vc toggle title”Protection of sensitive information”] At PowerSelf®, these same, we will always have them contemplated and covered to the extent of our scope, meeting the requirements of our customers, government regulations, protection of sensitive information in general, under the guidelines of patriotic law, having advanced and superior scopes and compliances within and throughout the national territory.

Mexico tops the global list of the top 10 cybercrime. By setting aside this important doctrine, thinking that it only applies to large companies, either because of the lack of technical capacity of its staff in charge and/or because of the lack of culture to invest in protection by the well-known phrase “it will not happen to me”.

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We protect your data

In different media

Our information can come in different presentations and be embodied in different media, both electronic and physical, so no matter what type of packaging this comes in, we must protect it properly.

In operational environments

All our information represents one of the most important assets that the company has, since it is essential to be able to carry out each of our activities. This is especially important today, as we must not only take care of operational environments, but also testing, development and release environments.

Operating flows

We are increasingly interconnected with the stored information, giving a line between the past of our organization, the present being the one used at the moment and future that will be the one that will maintain the operational flows.

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As organizations and individuals we must understand Computer Security as a way of life, and not as a product that is only purchased and installed in our workspace.

The safety nowadays turns a cycle of 360 °, where we must consider and include each of the indispensable points of the organization, must cover them and treat them as a particular and specific way.

Each of the individuals and of the areas of the organization, they must be immersed and compromised in the plans, strategies and protection actions, involving completely from the technical area and of systems, as well as the human resources area, the organization in general and the legal aspects of the same one, to be able to achieve a finished protection that embraces the concept of 360 °.