Antenas utilizadas para los enlaces dedicados

Dedicated Internet

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A dedicated link is a permanent internet connection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without requiring the use of telephone lines.

Usando los enlaces dedicados para acceder a sus aplicaciones web.

This always guarantees the contracted bandwidth (same speed and bandwidth both downstream and “synchronous” upload), ensuring a high level of reliability, stability, security and performance of your published web applications.

This connection does not turn off when you stop using it and does not turn on when you want to use it, is a permanent connection of high quality, with fixed IP addresses, and with a guarantee of service that gives our customers peace of mind, as they can always be connected to the internet with good quality, service and conditions that make them much more productive.

In addition to this, our services include on-point managed security, which is a robust solution, which integrates high-end equipment, with comprehensive licensing, specialized assistance at all times, and monthly reports with the interpretation of them, so that immediate action can be taken.

Through these plugins of our service, you can achieve a certainty in your daily processes, with a global security, which alone can be reflected by having no problems, reducing the layers of attack, from the most common, to the most delicate and complex of any organization.

Affordable solution and coverage

Affordable solution and coverage

PowerSelf® also integrates a solution that complements and integrates, the ability to interconnect two or more points, remote locations or their different facilities, with any of the DATACENTER’S of us, or between different customer sites, with the unlimited possibility of integrating branches, points of sale, warehouses and any location that is within our coverage.


Ethis is achieved with an exceptional cost, through LAN-to-LAN technology, that being a connection that does not travel, and is ensilated from the internet, is natively highly secure and stable, since it does not compromise at any time the speeds and infrastructure of the client.

Networks of layer 7

Networks of layer 7

PowerSelf® also offers services that help interconnect remote points, and/or locations through the creation of virtual private networks, RPV, or VPN (Virtual Private Network), which, are tools that allow us to perform a secure conduit, virtually within a public network, linking two or more specific points, where we can send and receive data and information in a dedicated, private and secure way.


It is important to note that the type of connections, and security handled by PowerSelf® Security Appliances, are about the logical models of networks at the highest level, Layer 7 (Layer 7), compared to many other computers, whose maximum security is over a Layer 3 or maximum a Layer 5.

Networks of layer 7

Networks of layer 7

Our Appliances are configured for Site-to-Site operation, stating that this configuration prevents the infiltrating of most malware and adware, that are constantly attacking the most commonly used protocols, and security ports.


Our Total Layer 7 Managed Firewall Security solution provides usage licenses and updates included during the contract period, where policies applicable to your company are reviewed through an advisory survey of customer needs.

Equipment damage coverage

Equipment damage coverage

PowerSelf® provides full coverage and assistance, in the event that the equipment suffers any damage, damage or any type of intervention is required during the contract period, which is fully included and without repair costs, software, licenses, or until the change thereof.


This is provided on the same scope of the contracted service, and inclusive these services contemplate the change or replacement in compromised times, being a value that would be practically impossible to have in a traditional solution, where in that case, if any equipment failure or damage occurs, the customer would be 4 to 6 weeks without having the solution available, in what is validated and repaired by its supplier.


In our case, PowerSelf® has change and resolution commitments that are 72 to much fewer hours, for replacement and/or correction of the incident.

Three-block security control

Three-block security control

Most competing teams only control access (inputs), so unlike them, our powerful solution, has three-block security control, input, output, and content, so network and computer security is protected individually when any suspicious activity occurs.

Remote assistance and training

Remote assistance and training

We have remote assistance for rule configurations, blocking or vulnerability analysis, as well as training, so that the user can manage the basics of the service, where a parameterizable configuration can be managed by users, groups or segments to different parts or access situations, as well as ports, sockets and protocols.

Powerful solutions that protect

Efficient and secure internet dedicated

Antena utilizada para proveer enlaces dedicados a las empresas

Today the speed of reaction and attention is a factor that sets the tone between the success and failure of companies, also, the security of sensitive data, is more vulnerable every day, either by insecure access and exitto the internet, as well as by the neglect and negligence of employees, computer viruses, among many other risks that exist.

For these reasons, PowerSelf® provides solutions that help its customers to be more efficient and technologically secure companies, providing value in each of our services, supported to complement their cybersecurity process, which ends up being often irrelevant to companies.

If you consider that your internet connection is slow and unstable, that you can no longer work very well with it, that it no longer meets the demands of your company and that apart from everything is insecure, then it is time to think of something more robust, complete and safe.

With PowerSelf®, you will have more than a service of connectivity, you need a partner that its strength is the cybersecurity administered, both proactive and reactive, thing that even the big carriers do not have structure, or do not consider in their services by their heavy loads, processes, or by not having this experience as part of their comprehensive training, as well as for not being in this sector of high specialty as it is and it develops PowerSelf®.

Usuario investigando el servicio de enlaces de dedicados de Power Self Technologies


Ilustración representando una Conexión Permanente, Dedicada y Síncrona al backbone de internet

As we have seen, the dedicated link is a very simple solution on paper, but very effective, this is why in terms of components we only have to take into account a main one:

A Permanent, Dedicated and Synchronous Connection to the backbone of the Internet, linking the required point to the internet cloud.

In the case of the PowerSelf® service, we we have an important strategic value, being a proactive and reactive Cybersecurity company, that knows the vulnerabilities, needs and conditions, in which cybercrime acts and operates, since, based on this, we cover vulnerabilities, giving security and certainty with our services.

Simulando un acceso seguro.
Especialista revisando la seguridad de una conexión a un enlace

Likewise, we can make this solution more secure proactively, complementing it with more concrete scenarios of protection to their current needs, and security aspects, which, we are sure that the vast majority have no considered or Implemented:

  • Vertical Managed Security SOC, COC, ISO/IEC-27000, ISA, and Secure and Encrypted Connectivity (VPN and Firewalls), among others.

ADVENTAGE of dedicated links

  • Connection that allows you to be connected to the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • High bandwidth capacity, efficiency and quality of service in a dedicated and permanent way.
  • Closed security for companies that want to remotely deploy and connect, point-to-point, or multipoint different branches, offices, plants, etc.
  • Programmable speed carrier, with high reliability in the links, proactive monitoring at all times, and even through a cellular APP, with which our client can have visibility at all times of its service and its availability.
  • It facilitates the transfer of point-to-point data with total security, through monitored mechanisms in our SOC, COC and NOC center.
  • Within the LAN you can have web servers, email, etc., but they must be monitored, controlled and segmented, in such a way that they do not mean a vulnerability to have them, but an advantage by access, control and performance of your general infrastructure.
  • High tolerance to faults and atmospheric conditions, thanks to the type of equipment that is implemented, giving gain values, even in adverse atmospheric conditions.
  • Symmetrical bandwidth of receive speed, and permanent and guaranteed constant shipping.
Usuarios laborando con una conexión permanente y seguridad administrada

Protect your business without investing more than

The operation and security of the company, are factors that we should all consider to be essential and of high importance. In markets as competitive as those currently being experienced, losing a minute of operation or information, could mean losing important customers and assets.

It is for this reason that to PowerSelf® it is so important that its customers are protected, being a company totally dedicated to the Computer Security, and Cybersecurity, which involves extensive knowledge of different aspects, conditions, as well as the understanding of the conditions under which cybercrime operates.

We have specialized solutions with high value cost-benefit, with which IT risks are mitigated and reduced, offering our customers an opportunity to respond effectively and efficiently, to a disaster.