Equipos utilizados en un DRaas.

Disaster Recovery as a Service or DraaS

The global trend of companies, is to forget about the management of processes, areas and staff that is not critical to be able to generate money for the company, that is why today have been created endless new services, which seek to make the life of the company easier and more efficient, reducing expenses of all kinds. DRaaS, better known as Disaster Recovery as a Service, emerges from this.

This trend also applies in cases where companies do not want to make mistakes so they leave management to specialized companies; this is the case of PowerSelf®, where we totally specialize in computer security and its main branches, where the degree of complexity and criticality is very broad and delicate, so the care of information and operation is our forte.

Our priority is to take care of the information and operation of each of our customers, but also by the way, is to make their lives a little quieter and without so much concern for their computer security and the growing wave of cybercriminals who are increasingly specialized and have mexico focused on being a country with a null or little culture of protection and care, for this reason, we offer different comprehensive services, with which taking care of your company will no longer be a problem.

Planificando la logística de una Recuperación de Desastres como Servicio

What is DRaaS?

Graficando los procesos para un Draas mejor conocido como Disaster Recovery as a Service

If you stayed at DRP and think it’s very complicated to manage it, very expensive to have it and carry out a Disaster Recovery Plan, it’s very likely that you don’t know the DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service).

We present it to you: in Spanish it would be Disaster Recovery as a Service, which in a nutshell is a Disaster Recovery Plan managed by someone else in a safe place and available at any time to be able to fully recover all your operation and data.

With our disaster recovery solution, you don’t have to worry that everything is working and available, because that’s why it’s a service you’re hiring, in which your entire operation is sheltered and ready for the moment you need it.

What are the benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service?

We make sure your business continues to function

Safety in the continuity of the operation

At PowerSelf® we take care of the needs of our customers, so we manage a DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) that allows you and will allow you to feel always safe, ensuring the continuity of the operation of the company at all times, safeguarding sensitive data through replication through a series of metropolitan clusters distributed in a secure location, being stored, either on physical or virtual servers, 100% adjustable to the need of any type of company with the great advantage of being under the guidelines of national NMX and international ISO/IEC regulations.

Cost reduction through optimization

Our Cloud DRaaS solution reduces all kinds of costs by optimizing the available resources, of course, this without neglecting the performance and efficiency of the solution, making it a comprehensive option with which you can recover critical data, lifting the operation in the event of a disaster.

This is made possible by the keep this critical data available at all times in the private, secure, dedicated and isolated cloud for each of our customers, so that when necessary, they can be required from anywhere.

Your safe and available information at all times

Various alternate sites and CDP's

In order to complement our service, PowerSelf® has different Alternate Sites and CDP Data Processing Centers, where you can count on a totally secure service, which will be most often located at strategic points so that the restoration time of your operation is considerably reduced.

Dedicated Internet

This is not the only thing with what PowerSelf® account, since as part of our services we manage Dedicated Links, which mean a great advantage when it comes to recovering the trade.

This medium can be exclusively dedicated to the customer, in a LAN-to-LAN (L2L) scenario so you won’t have to share bandwidth with someone else or through VPN mechanisms through media encryption so as not to compromise information, data or sensitive operation of one of our clients.

Step by step, how the DRaaS works

  • analizar-proceso-draas

    1.-Analyze RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective)

    As the name implies, they are recovery time targets and recovery points.

    They set the target time when the company needs to recover and the amount of information or recovery point it needs in the event of a contingency.

  • lineamientos-proceso-draas

    2.- Establish the required service guidelines

    The capabilities, availability and redundancy of the service must be established, as well as the identification and prioritization of critical and necessary information, applications and systems for the company to operate.

  • proceso-draas-adecuacion-solucion

    3.- Adequacy of the solution

    Adapt the solution to the needs of the company, taking the necessary parts to the Cloud and / or leaving some physics with the client, all in order to efficient the RTO and RPO,

    Machine Virtualization (VM) and clustered replicas can be performed.

  • proceso-draas-mantenimiento

    4.- Testing, maintenance, control and monitoring

    Performing the necessary tests to ensure the proper functioning of the solution, is only the first part of risk mitigation, since the solutions are perfectable and need to be constantly updated to meet and be prepared for contingencies that may occur.

    In addition to this, good maintenance will prevent the solution from failing and not responding at the requested time; this is achieved in part to the control and monitoring of it, updating the defenses and taking care of security, in case of a contingency.

Protect your business without investing more than

The DRaaS service is a great alternative in recent years to protect the operation of the company, without having to deal with large investments, management and management that entails a Disaster Recovery Plan.

That’s why, en PowerSelf® we offer our customers a service that suits their needs and allows them to fully focus on their business and what they know how to do, leaving this branch of IT Cybersecurity with our experts.