Imagen simulando un Servicio de TI en la nube

IT Services

In PowerSelf ® we have a strategic plan so that its critical personnel of the business has a place inside some of our alternate places at which the same ones will be able to be employed with the means to be able to realize its habitual tasks the nearest thing to its work environment.

In PowerSelf ® we contribute with each of our clients offering the answer in zero initial investments, services 100 % deductible of taxes, costs of property zero (TCO) and comeback of investment I (GNAWED) immediate.

Especialistas laborando en un plan estratégico de Servicios de TI

Technology at your service

  • World-class services

    At PowerSelf® have a strategy and methodology of managed services, with strategic partnerships with large Carriers, International Enterprise Data Centers and manufacturers directly such as Hitachi Data System, Microsoft, HP and having our own infrastructure, specialized technology specially conditioned and developed to be able to provide power through top-notch Business Class services.

    PowerSelf® focuses directly on service based on economies of scale, allowing a customer to share our infrastructure and technology without having to make high investment in it.

  • Maximum value for your investment

    Choosing PowerSelf® and its specialized infrastructure and technology such as DataBunker® By PowerSelf®, Virtual SYNC PowerSelf®, PowerBack PowerSelf® among others you’ll be working with a partner who understands your technical, business and, above all in these days, protecting additionally your information also compromised with your economy.


What are the benefits of
Our IT Services?

You just make sure you grow up


It doesn’t matter the size of your business or what you want to grow. We are prepared with the infrastructure and systems necessary to accompany you in the process.


We adapt to the needs of your company. We have specialized solutions for businesses of any nature and size.


We are an innovative company with the firm agreement to add value to your business, putting at your disposal the best technology and infrastructure in the market.

Take your future into your hands and worry about your billing, systems, access and all that. We offer you personalized IT services and the super fast IP network you need.

Our Infrastructure

At PowerSelf® we know that today more than ever by having a DRP and/or BCP, the important thing is to maintain the continuity of any company, that’s why we have designed the perfect plan that covers 100% your needs.

We have our own telecommunications and link infrastructure, with third-party redundancy, thus ensuring the availability of communications, telephony and Internet services.

  • Competitiveness

    First Level Business-Class Infrastructure

  • Vanguard

    Top-Military Technologies in our Data Centers.


    MILCON Military Structure

  • Sites

    Strategic locations

  • Services

    Alternate Workplaces for BCP

  • Millitency

    Direct millitency connectivity

  • Business-Class

    Business-Class infrastructure support 3,000,000.00 transactions per second

  • Networks

    Managed by our team of specialists, with state-of-the-art balancing

  • Data Centers

    PowerSelf® is connected to modern and powerful global high-speed IP networks

  • Quality in service

    Availability and Technical Support 7x24x365.

  • Safe

    Highly Safe, Against Infrastructure Claims

  • Reliability

    High availability 99.9999%

  • Technology

    Multicarrier Telecommunications.

  • Trust

    Located in areas of low seismicity.

  • Storage

    Back-up media in safety vaults, distributed with shielding and protection against deterioration

Complementary services

We have powerful, highly available standardized infrastructures that ensure continuity of operation.

PowerSelf® has work positions appropriate to the business needs of our customers, in case of failures or contingencies.

We focus on proactively monitoring, resolving and protecting our customers’ networks, systems and users.

Our data vaults have high security standards that keep the information of each of our customers safe from any catastrophe.

We have a powerful specialized tool developed to identify more than 5000 possible risks that affect your company and that directly influence the operation.