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Would you like your company to have newer, updated and above all functional hardware and software?

If your answer was yes, but you think that it is a very big investment that it is not possible to realize in these moments, then we have the perfect solution to you: administrated services PowerSelf ®

With our solution you will be able to enjoy recent and functional hardware and software, but above all with technology from the mission-critical sector, at the price and conditions of a medium-performance solution, of which you will not have to worry about its maintenance or its update, nor the expensive licenses, and if you decide, you won’t have to stay with them for many years, until they become obsolete.

What are managed IT services?

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    All-in-one solution

    Managed services are a government-designed solution to reduce huge costs for information technology infrastructure. It consists in a crude way to integrate everything as if it were a service, in which the provider integrates hardware, software, implementation, licenses, guarantees and maintenance of all that infrastructure.

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    Add value to your company

    There are other types of providers, which bring additional value to their customers, as is the case of PowerSelf®, which integrates complementary infrastructure to automate simple tasks, but that consume a lot of time from the people of technical support and the organization’s budget, and thereby increases the cost of ownership called TCO.

Managed Services Firewall Layer 7

Our managed security solution goes much further, not only is it about putting an enterprise standard team, and covering with the highest levels of blocking over the Layer 7 security of the TCP communications model, but it’s a robust solution , concentrated in high international standards and best practices, in the field of logical security, and access.

It is a concept that is lived and made truly in the computer security processes, based on processes, controls and guidelines that are applied and measured by the use of robust technology, being the computers level Firewall’s Layer 7.

The big difference is the complementary services that make up our solution, because being monitored permanently from a NOC network operations center, and with the integral principles of an SOC security operations center, they together provide, a complete solution, which simply has no comparison in the market.

Being able to be several steps ahead of any other type of proposal, our solution about leaving the others, since it includes monthly reports, interpretation of them and flows of support, support and consulting in specific cases, or on trends that are they live globally, and are applied as continuous improvements, focused on the proviso of each of our customers.

PowerSelf® guarantees that, with this solution our customer will enjoy, as part of the service, a complementary infrastructure of permanent monitoring and perpetual support minimum 5×9 NBD, with permanent updates and at the forefront of solutions. With the highest levels of the industry being certified at international and national level.

With all that is part of the service, our customers will see that the most comprehensive guidelines that may exist may be exceeded, even in the legislative requirements of the federal data protection law in the hands of individuals, mitigating risks such as fines, loss or espionage of your data and information, thus avoiding economic damage and unemployment from operation for these reasons.

And all this without hidden and additional costs.

What are service level agreements or SLAs?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Service Level Agreement (SLA), are contracts that describe the scopes, obligations, responsibilities and agreements reached at the beginning of the contract, setting objectives and indicators, which will serve to regulate the contracted service and ensure compliance with the supplier’s promises.

The SLA of PowerSelf ®, they specify the specific requests of the service, as well as a description of the same one and the target that hopes to be reached at this level of employed service.

In addition to this, there are stated other titles, like it are the exceptions of the service, tasks and planned maintenance, changes in the service, penalizations, definitions of terms, service politics and finally he signs it on both parts of acceptance of the SLA, between others.

Leaving with this, more clearly our relationship with our customers, committing ourselves day by day to comply with each SLA signed by the company.

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What are the benefits of managed services?

We have already seen that a managed service is for most companies, more convenient to have one, but if it is still not clear to you why it would be an excellent option, we leave you a list of the advantages you would have when having a service , as well as PowerSelf®:

Features superior to the market

Absolute guarantee

Forget about the gigantic investment to upgrade all your hardware and software in one bit, because, with the service, you will pay only a rent for this one, which includes everything.

With the advantage that, if there is any detail that was not considered for the service to work as planned, this, for some error of our staff, our client has a guarantee that, in this case, PowerSelf®, will be the one who assumes the costs additional or complementary, with no impact on the customer.

This is an example of an added value that virtually no one provides in this type of service, whether it’s a common managed service, a lease, financing or purchase, where in many cases by going over budget, customers get to get a partially functional solution, paying for something that does not cover the necessary functionality and with which the objective and goals of the contracting company cannot be met.

Avoid obsolescence

And when your contract ends and you renew it again with us, PowerSelf® will take care of updating what you need, changing, migrating and adjusting without this for our customers involving an unplanned economic impact.

This, even when making changes of equipment or technologies of greater resources, because thanks to our business model that is based on global scales, with high-performance, mission-critical, and hyper-converged technologies, and which, in addition to this, will always be accompanied by a specialist.

Premature change in conditions

One of the great competitive advantages that PowerSelf® offers over other managed service providers, whether manufacturer or supplier, is that we can replace after SIX months if necessary, either because the business conditions changed, or because of the type of strategies, systems, or in general that it is some situation that requires the justified change of the platform.

PowerSelf® will be able to adjust the new contractual conditions, solution and / or mechanisms to offer a new one, and even totally another technological solution that adheres to new needs and trends, this without the customer being penalized, or having to follow and maintain the current solution, tying to use something that no longer gives it the value it needs.

These terms are negotiated between the parties, to get this option as an important strategic value for our clients.

Your operation continues smoothly

TCO Cero

We operate, manage and maintain your contracted service, you have nothing to worry about, because something may go wrong, we will proactively attend to it.

The most important thing is that the management of the business will continue to be carried out by its staff, who will carry it in the same way and conditions as so far, thus mitigating the risk that the change of scheme or structure may cause it.

All this thanks to our platform integrating a transparent layer of control, flow, protection, backup, high availability and recovery, in case of a disaster, without affecting the current performance or conditions of your software systems.

Security, professionalism and transparency

You don’t have to train or dedicate personnel to attend to the infrastructure, because, with our quality and experience, you don’t have to worry about something not going as planned. There is currently no case that over 15 years it has not passed and that we have not been able to resolve it.

BENEFITS OF HIRINGWhy choose a managed service?

  • Includes spare parts and maintenance throughout the contract
  • Large tax benefits
  • Avoid ingesting and technological obsolescence
  • Disaster and incident insurance
  • Immediate backup equipment in case any are damaged
  • Better infrastructure and services alike or lower cost
  • Services of monitoring and support 7×24.

Request information about our managed IT services

Having a managed service has many advantages, as it seeks to make life easier for companies, by offering them solutions so that they can continue to operate better, radically decreasing their investment amounts and operating and maintenance expenses, by hiring an IT expert such as PowerSelf®.

There are many types of managed services, however, we consider that it is essential for a company to be competitive in such a crowded market, is to have recent and updated technology, with which the computer risks that exist today, and meet the expectations of our collaborators and customers, in short and long time, can be mitigated.

At PowerSelf® we know that this involves a long-term relationship, in which we will always be able to support our customers, in order to keep them for more years in a row with us, as we currently do.

That’s why to us it is a priority to offer companies, more competitive solutions both at the technical, and economical level, with which they can meet their IT needs, focused on a process of containment, protection and cybersecurity standards, first and foremost.