Equipos utilizados en soluciones de hiperconvergencia Virtual Sync

Virtual SYNC: Hyperconvergence Solutions

PowerSelf® has designed a service platform that has now become a most advanced solution that can exist on the market, because with a single computer Virtual SYNC Appliance, the company can:

last technology

last technology

Carry out a technological renewal to a state-of-the-art platform.

Lower risk

Lower risk

Reduce the risks of a risky legacy or outdated infrastructure.

Lower costs

Lower costs

There is immediate savings as it replaces the current archaic infrastructures that are highly energy demanding.

Our solution has the great advantage of being hyper-converged type being highly resource-dense equipment and totally with high levels of availability, fault tolerance and with the only hallmark of being able to replicate at the mirror level in real time the data centers in CDMX and State of Mexico, reduce the great complexity and management of having all these processes separate.

As well as Virtual SYNC equipment are a solution that packs in turn a large and varied series of solutions como:

  • Centralized Management
  • Windows Server licensing with unlimited CAL’s
  • Controlling your inventory
  • Monitoreo
  • Controlled and audited remote management and assistance
  • Unattended implementation
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Remote access audit
  • Load balancing
  • System clustering
  • Customer applications and
  • A replication process for DRP disaster protection.
Mostrando un esquema de funcionamiento de un virtual sync en una nube hibrida

A powerful business center,
Available and Safe

Virtual SYNC by PowerSelf® is a powerful central infrastructure with high resource consolidation, optimization, and significant savings in your current maintenance, CFE, licensing, and ongoing failure costs.

Something very significant is that, by having our Virtualization Appliance, you can cluster and give high availability to applications so simple or so robust that it would otherwise mean making large investments in Enterprise licensing, Hardware, Storage and other components, rimmediately educating costs and increasing the level of quality of service for your company and each Virtual SYNC Appliance integrates a DRAaS-type DRP disaster recovery process that positions it as a comprehensive turnkey solution that gives global protection to any type of business or business regardless of its size.

Hyperconvergent Solution
Virtual Sync

Our Virtual SYNC solution is focused on the latest market trends through hyperconvergence solutions that allow a great simplification of the common and specialized tasks of the areas of IT operations, this helps us the same hardware manages your available resources and gives us better performance.

This application Virtual SYNC By PowerSelf® is a solution to the trends of protection, control and flow of information and operation of all kinds of business, protecting it significantly through a unique service model in the market, which encompasses the better cost-benefit of such solutions.

Virtual SYNC By PowerSelf® natively integrates operation protection through online version control and operational risk distribution to PowerCloud cloud data centers, meets the highest international standards and guidelines and having a naturally embedded DRP process is its natural functionality and functioning context.

Accediendo a una appliance virtual sync Power Self con protección
Esquema de monitoreo de una solución hiperconvergente virtual sync

At PowerSelf® we guarantee that with our solution, our customers will enjoy an entire infrastructure in their facilities that will be an integral part of their operation, being permanently monitored, having minimum perpetual support 5×9, permanent updates being at the forefront of much more expensive and less powerful solutions.

We comply with the highest levels of the industry by being certified at the international and national level and exceeding the legislative requirements of the federal data protection law in the hands of individuals, mitigating risks such as fines, loss or espionage of your data and information and avoiding economic damage for these causes.

And all this without hidden and additional costs through an income that includes everything indicated and that does not bring about costs like the vast majority of solutions that currently exist on the market.

Our solution is integrated into a set of online APPLIANCE, certificates that include hardware, software, licensing, support and everything you need; easily and professionally migrating current computers, virtual and physical servers to a high-performance virtual platform, high simplicity, and high-continuity, and fault-tolerant conditions.

Reducing the complexity of your environment, optimizing the costs of managing it.

Usuario mostrando diagrama de acceso a servicio virtual sync

Each Virtual SYNC Appliance has the power to concentrate on a single computer or from a couple, the entire operation

Seeking that the customer always has a HIGH AVAILABILITY and that meets their requirements and needs, controlling, distributing and giving versatility to applications by allocating memory, disk and processing resources as demanded dynamically or fixedly depending on the needs of the business.

Esquema de funcionamiento de un virtual sync en un solo equipo.
  • It clusters applications that alone could not have that function or would be too expensive to put in.
  • Professionally simple, you convert physical to virtual computers.
  • Trust guarantee, your solution works because it works. Try it and convince yourself.
  • We integrate the technology of the big DataCenters into a single package-like computer and in your hands and under one roof.
  • Protect yourself, we complete the solution with our integrated DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) service efficiently, quickly and above all extremely economically.

Recovery Plan Solutions against
Disaster DRP Virtual SYNC

Our Virtual SYNC solution focused on disaster recovery provides state-of-the-art technology to large enterprises, through a Native solution for Business Continuity and Recovery (DRP Sync) processes, which encompasses technology 2 worlds On-Premise value services and Cloud Hybrid Solutions private cloud services, which, together with a powerful appliance, provide a number of strategic advantages for any business by implicitly integrating partial or total distributed replication of the operation, systems, data, customer information without integrating any cost, safely, contained and normatively covering high industry standards. This is achieved through an Integrated Hybrid Local and Cloud Solution.

The Virtual SYNC Appliance is a dedicated, self-contained and robust specialized server that can support virtual machine loads, being able to replicate natively in an encrypted way with Sync Solutions Binary. Also, this server has high availability and the ability to mount unlimited virtual machines dependent on Appliance resources, which may have optional additional proportional growth.

Supervisando equipos usado en un plan de recuperación contra desastres
  • Clustering support and NBL synchronous replica balancing support.
  • Unlimited 5×9 Lifetime Lifetime Support with 1 hour care remotely, next day care of onsite care. Our block solution is certified, powered by technology for importing physical and virtual servers.
  • Availability of 7×24.
  • 64Bit core technologies with HT and Core Reading.
  • Memory with wide high speed protection with ECC error correction.
  • Dedicated specialized booting with raid boot mirror logical arrays.
  • Exclusive Storage with Raid 5/1 Logical protection with SSD solid-state acceleration.
  • Specialized Hardware Components with Caching Boot Acceleration, storage data protection and speed SSD Raid Data.