Currently there are multiple risks that companies face in terms of IT, this because, on multiple devices and platforms, the average user fills them with data and sensitive information that make it tempting, for any hacker, to access these to for criminal purposes and self-interest.

Ethical hacking is a practice run by companies to be able to perform reliable tests that the computer security they have, will protect them from any cyberattack. There are multiple tests and tests that are often used in these procedures, scanning and trying to find any vulnerabilities and if you find it, give you the right security treatment and cover that entry so that no one else can go back to enter it.

Simply put, ethical hacking is a branch or discipline that derives from computer security. This branch of computing uses various methods, tools and techniques that allow it to develop its field of action. These techniques include: social engineering tactics, use of hacking tools, Metasploits exploiting, scanning and exposing known or unknown vulnerabilities within users’ computer systems.

The fundamental goal of ethical hacking as already mentioned is: to highlight the vulnerabilities that exist within the physical and logical configuration of a computer system. All this, finds its purpose in that, whoever hires an ethical hacking service, can think and plan preventive strategies in case of malicious attacks.

There are two important categories with which they test information security and are as follows:

  • Red teaming:

A working group is formed to do the tests within the company and only the participants are the ones who know that they will attack the data, because this does not give them the opportunity for the systems area to have time to raise the last-minute security parameters.

The advantage of this category is that, being of covert mode, it gives the feeling that it is a real attack and tests the personnel who are in charge of the security of the company.

  • Blue teaming:

Blue teaming, is by way the counterpart of red teaming, because the IT staff of a company are aware of the conduct of ethical hacking tests. This mode, so to speak, is used when the decisions of the IT security personnel of a company have an impact on the continuity of the progress of the organization, because in this way you can alert about failures that have a direct impact on the business.

Now that we know what these two categories are, we will see that 6 modalities of ethical hacking come from it, which can be:

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