Phishing is a cyberattack that is characterized by impersonating a company or service to steal victim information. Criminals are looking to steal your financial information such as credit card numbers, passwords, account information and other information.

The way they operate is commonly by mail or text message, but mass-mailing is their fundamental tactic. Among the features that different types of phishing use in practice, stand out:

  • Technical problems
  • Recent detections of fraud and urgent increase in the level of security.
  • New security recommendations for fraud prevention.
  • Changes to the entity’s security policy.
  • Promotion of new products.
  • Unexpected prizes, gifts or financial income.
  • Anomalous access or uses to your account.
  • Imminent deactivation of the service.
  • The use of an official image of an institution.
  • Notifying the victim that there is something wrong with the account or that it is required to update the user’s information
  • Sharing a league that leads to a fake site
  • Asking for personal data

Similarly, the services that are mostly used to carry out the crimes and easily steal the information by the forms that are filled out are as follows:

  1. Banks and ATMs
  2. Online payment platforms
  3. Social network
  4. Buy/sell pages
  5. Online games
  6. Technical support
  7. Cloud storage services
  8. Services provided by public companies
  9. Any postal messaging service
  10. False job openings



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